No Audio From Imported wav files Issue

Hi all,

For some unknown reason, I am not getting any audio playback when i import a wav file into cubase. No issues with Vsts and Keyboards for getting sound. Strangely, when i use the playback/scrub tool and open the sample editor i get sound from the wav i imported. I have a digi 002 rack and i have assigned the outputs 1-2 in vst connections and i have also tryed assigning the outputs in the control room as well ( i have one set of monitors). I have my motif es rack in inputs 5-6 and yamaha s90 in inputs 1-2 (not that it matters). In the audio track with the imported wav, i have no input bus set and the output is stereo out. im thinking that having no bus set may be the issue but im unsure how to properly set this if thats the case. Any Help with this would be greatly appreciated cause this is driving me nuts. I know its got to be something real simple.

Pentium i7, DX58SO2 motherboard, 8gb Ram, Running Cubase 64 bit