No audio from VST Transit to VST Transit Go

Dear all, I am trying to use VST Transit on both my PC (Cubase 9.5 Pro with VST Transit) and my iPad (VST Transit Go). A bit like the tutorial movie on the Steinberg site. For this I make use of two different accounts. I manage to synchronise audio from Cubase to the iPad. I subsequently record a new track on the iPad (through an Apogee Jam interface). After synchronising the new track to the cloud and going back to Cubase I do see the track, but it contains no audio (see attchement). Does anyone know how this is possible? Something to do with the settings in Cubase? Kind regards.

From the picture one can’t tell exactly what the user name of account 1 is, then we might check if the file is at least in the cloud.

Thanks for responding. The first account is hippohenk

I looked up the project. There is no Track 2 and associated audio as in the picture, but only a Track 1 for hippohenk2 with an audio file which is also present in the cloud. So either you have changed the project meanwhile or you should apply the sync function to get the project to be up-to-date. Hope that helps, otherwise let us know and we dive deeper.

I did indeed retry the procedure, thereby probably changing the project. But now I have 2 screendumps at almost the same time after synchronising. One dump is from the PC and one from the iPad. The iPad track contains audio while the PC track doesn’t

Could it have something to do with the Apogee Jam interface being mono instead of stereo??

This is really strange, thank you very much for staying with us. The project contains said recording, but it has not been uploaded to the cloud. One reason might be that you closed Vst Transit Go on the iPad too soon after sync; when you apply sync, first the updated project is uploaded to the cloud (which already contains information about the recorded file), and then one by one new audio files are beeing uploaded thereafter. This happens in the background so not to keep you from continuing to work; if however you exit the app before it could finish its job, the audio file might not have made it to the cloud in time. Pls try again to sync on the iPad, wait until it reports “Sync project complete” (watch if it attempts to upload the file in the message section?) and then see if it appears in Cubase after syncing there. If that still doesn’t work, pls let us know, we need to make sure that this works flawlessly. So thanks again for your patience!

Of course I have to thank you also for your cooperation!

When I synchronise on the iPad I see the message that it is synchronising the file with name Track 1_180801_060604.FLAC (not WAV) and when I open de project in Cubase VST Transit I get the screen as in the attachements

. So it appears that Cubase is looking for the file locally. Maybe this is a clue?
Warning during loading of project_2.png

Ah, now the file is at least in the cloud! So waiting after syncing on the iPad appears to have done at least one trick :slight_smile:
It is normal that it reports .flac instead of .wav, because audio files are converted to the lossless FLAC format before uploading, which saves you cloud space.
The warning on the Cubase end may also indicate that you should be patient…it may not have downloaded or copied the file yet. If you stay in Cubase for a while and then maybe try sync once more, does that work?
You may also check the VST Transit folder in your Documents folder (probably C:/Users/Henk/Documents/VST Transit), there in hippohenk/projects/audio/hippohenk2 there might be the awaited audio file (flac and/or wav). If that is so, but the warning persists, pls let us know again. Thanks!

I have checked the VST directory on my PC and made a screendump (see attachement)

. As you can see, there is no sub folder hippohenk2. In the subfolder hippohenk my original audiofiles can be found (bass, drums and Rhodes). I also tried to sync with my virusprotection turned off, but this didn’t help either. So it appears that the audio that I recorded on the iPad is getting to the cloud but I cannot get it from the cloud into my PC. Could there be another location where the files go? I searched my computer but could not find the file

No, this is the place where the downloaded files should be. But I looked up the project and there is no more audio from hippohenk2. So you have made changes on the iPad again, right? The strange part is that the file is still mentioned in the project, so I really wonder why it vanished when it used to be there yesterday. This can only happen when using VstGo on the iPad. Can you elaborate on what you did (in particular, on the iPad) after our last conversation? And pls. try again to apply “Sync” on the iPad, then don’t do anything else but let us know, so we can go thru this step by step. Thanks again for your patience, we’ll sort this out!

I just synced the project on the iPad and got a confirmation. Now I do nothing

ok, great. the file is now in the cloud again.
Now pls go to Cubase and sync, then report, ok? Thanks a lot!

I opened Cubase on my PC. Clicked on the tab VST Cloud and then VST Transit. Then I clicked on the project (DF_1). The message of the lost file appeared and then I clicked on the button “Sync Project”. A number of sync messages came by, but I could not read them, because it went pretty fast. Finally I saw the message “Project Sync complete”. The track from the iPad is in the Cubase window, but contains no audio. So it it the same as before.

In addition I added another Screendump from the project with part of the VST Transit window. You can see that my tracks from the PC are visible in the list with tick-markers and all that, but the iPad track has no ticks

thank you very much. The file has disappeared from the cloud again.
If I get this right, hippohenk2 is the user on the iPad with VST Transit Go, and hippohenk is the user with Cubase VST Transit, is that right? It should be impossible for hippohenk to make hippohenk2’s file be removed from the cloud, so we are very keen to sort this out. We can’t reproduce this yet but will keep checking, thanks for your invaluable cooperation.

You’re right about the users. I appreciate your efforts and hope we will sort this out. Kind regards!

We found the bug. The reason is that both user names start the same and one is mistaken for the other. Of course we will fix asap. Thank you one more time for your invaluable help with this!
For now you might consider to create another account with a different name, sorry for the inconvenience. A new version will be rolled out soon.

Wow! I am impressed that you found the solution. I will make a new userid for the iPad asap and retry the procedure. Thanks for your help.