No audio heard


when clicking play and the progress line moves along the notes I don’t hear anything, neither for built-in projects nor for notes i put in an empty project.

no matter which settings.

speaker connected optically via S/PDIF from device.

I not have had any issue hearing audio when i was letting play audio from any other application.

In particular, *.mid files audio played with WMP I hear.

(integrated on an Asus B550 motherboard)

I haven’t detected volume controls in Dorico. Is audio muted perhaps?

Thank you for your support.

Welcome to the forum @u_an_i .
Dorico is set to 44.1kHz sample rate, but under Windows the standard format says it is 96kHz. If you change that from either side to match up, does then sound come through?

matching sample rates does not let me hear the notes.

The Stereo Drop Down for the Realtek ASIO shows 4 pairs of “HD Audio”. I wonder where they come from. Windows Sound control panel shows 6 HD Audio AMD (graphics with sound through HDMI likely) devices (1 connected), 1 Realtek Speaker device and 1 Realtek digital device (this latter connected).
I tried the Generic Low Latency ASIO driver which only offers the device connected through the AMD graphics card and switched audio output in Windows to that device. Audio from other applications in Windows still I hear, playback of notes in Dorico I still do not hear.

In the Device Setup dialog in Dorico is a button called Device Control Panel. If you click that, depending on the chosen driver some other window opens which has various options.
The control panel of the Generic Low Latency Driver has in the middle a list of available output ports, does your wanted port turn up there? Try toggling the option that says something about ‘exclusive access’, does the list change, is your wanted port then among them? You select a port by check marking it at the front.
Also you might want to watch this tutorial video.

Yes, then it is among them and selecting it lets me hear audio! (the stereo selector on the device setup dialog still offers the HDMI connected device only but i neglect this :slight_smile:).

Thank you.!