No audio in cubase 11 Le

Hello. i just boat a TASCAM US-1x2HR sound card With cubase 11 le with it.
all went well and the sound on the computer is good. but when i activating cubase 11 le there is no sound. and all computer sound got muted if there is a song in the background or you tube video i can’t hear a thing. i need to close the application and only then to continue to listen to music.
also the music in cubase cannot work. and i got the massage “vst link deactivated due to too many errors” i checked with you tube how to set the sound card in cubase and i did. but the settings was already there . there was nothing to change. it recognized my asio card driver and stil there is a problem.
i tried to use generic asio but still nothing no sound. when i activating cubase there is no sound. maybe it’s a driver i can download it again no problem tell me what to do i just want to make some music please. thank you . what can i do?

This should be turned off. You don’t need this. It’s for connecting 2 computers.

Where do i remove it please?

i turned it off but still no sound. any ideas?

Does your interface have an asio driver? You should select it in Studio setup.

Then check your inputs and outputs in VST Connections.

yes i did all that. the sound card asio driver is selected and the connection window is set well as well.
but still no sound.


Could you try to increase the Buffer Size?

Could you try to use ASIO4ALL (if you are on Windows) instead of the native driver, please?

Screenshots please… Project window and the Mixer 1

I have decided to move to other daw. hanks for your time.
and effort. bye bye.