no audio in Media Bay Previewer

I realize there is a separate volume for the Media Bay Previewer and mine is turned All the way up! but still no audio in Media Bay Previewer no matter what content I try to audition in my Media Bay. ALSO: it’s only happening on one of my 2 iMacs…what could possibly be going wrong on this iMac here at my studio? Any suggestions?
I have audio in my Cubase Pro Projects, and when I drag and drop loops from Media Bay into my projects, I can hear them fine! I just can’t preview them.
*Not using Control Room.

What have I screwed up? Could this be a glitch? So frustrating.

I can’t find anyone else who seems to be having this exact problem here on the forums
Any advice suggestions as always greatly appreciated
many thanks

ok will do. ugh it was the darn control room was enabled and I didn’t realize…mea culpa