No audio in one project

Hello everyone,

sorry to be back with this issues, but none of the tricks I know worked.
This one project i created right before an update was required of some instruments on the Download assistant doesn’t produce any sound during playback. No levels are visible in the mixer either during playback. I confirmed that other project playback fine.
Also, it seems like when I go in Play-mode/VST-instruments and I click on the “e” for editing the Halion instrument, there are no instruments loaded.

Do you know what went wrong?


Usurpator.dorico (1021.0 KB)

Hi! (bonsoir)
I’ve just opened that file, and checked out Play mode, left column. What I see is that the only virtual instrument loaded is HALion Sonic, that Instrument 1 and Canto instruments are routed to the same slot 1… and that the Instance of HALion Sonic (press the round e next to the cog) is empty. Have you applied any playback template?
Which kind of sound do you expect for those instruments?
[Edit] Checking out the Instruments definitions in Setup mode, I see you should have two oboes, Sopranos and Bassoons. If I apply the factory playback template (HSSE+HSO) I get two oboes and a bassoon (don’t know why the singers do not load, but that could be a problem on my end…) It plays and there’s sound…

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ehm I’m sorry, I’m not sure what a playback template is… I see there are many of them described on Dorico’s website, but i just don’t know what it refers to…

It’s the automatic tool that will load the sounds for you according to some “rules” you set… The easiest thing at the beginning is to make sure that your default playback template is HSE+HSO (or NotePerformer if you have it). And let Dorico do the rest.
Here’s the file with sounds loaded:
Usurpator.dorico (1,2 Mo)

Thank you so much! I’m sorry I wasn’t familiar with that at all…

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Don’t worry :wink: Keep asking questions, watching video material from the Steinberg hub, searching the wonderful online documentation… and you’ll get used to this !

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