No Audio in the Main outs

This is an issue with both computers - PC and Mac.
After saving, for some reason, everything looks fine but no audio is flowing through the main out.
All is the same as I saved it day before, all the meters showing that all is OK and alive but nothing gets through the mains.

Couldn’t find the reason.
The projects are with Video track and all kind of VST’s and VSTi’s.

All I can do is to go back to earlier project backup and it is really bad. I lost tons of work twice already.


Maybe it’s a plugin on a group or main output that is not loading? Or older VST version? Does it work if you bypass all the inserts?

Use the metering options (pre/post) to help identify where you signal flow is breaking down. It could be a plug-in, routing, or configuration issue. Bypassing a “broken” plug-in is sometimes not enough and you have to remove it to restore signal flow.

I’ll give it a try

I don’t know if this is the plug itself (never made any troubles before) or the NUENDO plus this one.
I had TUBE TECH CL1B. discarded it and insert it once again and it was fine.


Who should I let know? Steinberg or Softube?