No audio input Cubase 9.5


I have completed many projects on 9.5 without issue. I opened my current nearly complete project and no longer have audio input. The input audio is completely flat-lined. The signal registers into the Steinberg UR44 interface (red peak LEDs). I checked Studio Set Up – it is properly set to Steinberg USB Audio. I checked Audio Connections and it is properly set up to the UR44 chan 1 and 2 inputs (and active). I re-opened several older projects, plus opened a new project, and they all work fine. I compared settings to this current project and cannot find any differences.

I also tried changing to my HD500X Audio Driver and to the Generic Low Latency Driver; they did not work either. Yet those changes worked fine on the new project window I opened (and one older project I checked).

Anyone have ideas what else I should check for?

Thank you,

My issue is figured out. Mute was set ‘on’ in the MixConsole Stereo Input channel (far left hand side). I have no idea how I managed to do that, wasn’t intentional. But can now focus on writing music.