No audio input from the interface

I am still a noob but let me try to explain:

I have already managed to succesfully record audio with Cubase Elements but as I opened it now, I suddenly cannot. Previously, when I setup an audio track there was a visible alternative for a stereo input from my interface (Steinberg UR22mkII) but now there isn’t and thus no sound. Or rather, there is a sound through MIDI but no audio input.

However, this occurs only if I open the program from the shortcut or try to open an existing project through it; it says, that the ASIO driver is not running and that the inputs from the interface are missing. But when I open an existing project from it’s folder, everything runs normal. And if I also open a new project while an existing project has been opened, I can setup a working audio track with an input from the interface.

What on earth am I doing wrong here? As I said, I’m noob and I don’t simply understand this.

Hi and welcome,

Please double-check Studio > Audio Connections > Inputs.

Are you on Mac or Windows?

The best way to solve that kind of issue requires step by step troubleshooting that follows the signal path.
Following that path the steps should be:

  1. Make sure that the interface is turned on (power LED is lit up)

  2. Check if the Microphone is connected with an XLR cable to microphone input of the audio interface.

  3. Check if the input selector is in the correct position according to the audio interface guide.


Thank you for you advice. I figured out the problem: I had to turn on the ASIO driver from the “studio setup”.