No audio input in cubase 9.5

I had already recorded 2 guitar tracks without a problem a short while ago in this project.I also recorded a Drumtrack from groove agent 4,bass and elec piano from Halion.great sounds,good mix and I went back to add another guitar…Nothing. Meters are showing input signal,fader is in default position,I can hear the guitar sound processed in Cubase through main speakers,but when I try to record [using same input from UR242 - Input 1] as used for earlier guitar tracks…I get a flatline,no audio recorded! Do I need to update the Yamaha driver or UR242 software or is it something else? All connections are show within Cubase
New system: Asus Zen 2201Cut desktop,Soundcraft Notepad,UR 242 interface,Cubase AI Elements 9,Artist 9 and Artist 9.5 installed and Korg 01/Wfd keyboard :imp:


Are you sure it’s not recorded? Did you try to play it back? Maybe just the waveform is not drawn.

There is an known issue in C9.5 in this area. Please, search the forum for a specific description and the workarounds.