No audio input

Hi Forum,
I used VST for many years but now I have version 5 which I’m only just getting the hang of. I have recorded audio already but for some reason while the signal comes into the mixer, it doesn’t appear in Cubase. The track will record, but no audio present. Midi is working fine and everything is connected up properly. The channel is on solo and only yesterday I could record audio. Something seems to be inactive. Any ideas? Thanks, Barry.

A little hard to understand your problem. At one point you say you have recorded audio but then you say the track will record but no audio is present. You then say that the signal comes into the mixer (I’m assuming you mean Cubase’s mixer) but doesn’t appear in Cubase. Do you mean the signal isn’t appearing or the audio?

Is your track record enabled? Do you have the right asio driver selected in “devices”?

Hi Suprawill - thanks for your reply, and sorry to confuse you. I could record audio only a couple of days ago. I couldn’t get midi to work, but when I did it seems I couldn’t record audio after that. This might have nothing to do with the audio problem. The audio is going into an external mixer but not into Cubase at all. If I set it up to record it will start recording the track as normal but there is no audio on the track. The problem is not seeing the signal in the Arrange window and transport bar. The Asio looks okay and record buttons are active. Something must be set to inactive somewhere. I’ve checked everything I can think of. Hope this helps. Regards, Barry.

Ok Barry, now I have a better understanding.
What kind of external mixer do you have? Is it also your interface or do you have the mixer connected to a separate interface? If Cubase isn’t getting a signal, you have to start trace where the signal begins. Once I can establish the problem is not pre Cubase, then NWP’s post should help any problem in Cubase.


Could be the case here but we’re trying to first establish if Barry is getting any signal at all to Cubase from his external mixer.

No, you’re right about your edit Steve. Barry’s first post was kind of confusing but he cleared up a few things in his second post. Problem was is that he was getting signal and recording previously but then ran into his problem later.
Most of us have brainfarted that input routing mistake and that may well be Barry’s problem. The problem developed after he had a working setup so I want to make sure he didn’t disable something at the external mixer before banging our heads against the wall troubleshooting Cubase. :slight_smile: