No audio inputs after Cubase launches. No signal after input channel is set (Focusrite Saffire P 40)


I’m looking for any leads as to what may be the issue here as I have exhausted all troubleshooting I know of. I have had this setup for years now, so I can tell you it has worked in the past.

My setup:

  • Cubase 10.5 Pro
  • Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 with Mix Control 3.7
  • Good PC with Windows 10


  • After I launch Cubase 10.5 I lose external audio device input. For example, I am playing an external synth as Cubase loads on inputs 3 & 4 on my Saffire, (and able to see those levels in Mix Control) and then the audio cuts out after Cubase loads whichever dll as start of start up
  • THEN, I set the input channels to 3 and 4 in Cubase. Previously, I could assign the corresponding audio channels in Cubase, set to monitor, and then I could record and hear the audio through Cubase


  • After assigning inputs in Cubase and setting them to monitor I get NO input. Something, somewhere has changed on my system and I cant figure it out. I double checked my Project settings in Cubase and they match those that are set in Mix Control. I also checked the Windows audio settings and those are set to use the Saffire and set correctly as well.

Again, I’m not sure what has changed on my system and its nothing I have done. Windows Update jacked something? Some weird firewall setting?

Im at a loss

inputs are assigned in “audio connections”?


This was due to 1 of a few other audio devices that were active via Device Manager. I disabled everything but the Saffire Pro 40 (there was a realtek, nvidia and my Virus Ti listed). After disabling all others and rebooting I was able to hear and record audio inputs after assigning the appropriate busses in Cubase. User error.

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