No Audio Inserts and Audio Sends in Inspector.


I want to add some VST audio fx to an audio track. In the Inspector the Audio Insert and the Audio Sends drop down menu is empty. I Reset the Plug-in Paths to Factory to make your that was not the issue.

I am sure you have heard more stupid questions. I did some search for similar threads but apparently no one else had this problem previously.

Please help.

The last updater apparently screwed up the skin file on some systems…maybe this is your problem??


Thanks for your suggestion.

In safe mode Cubase 7 was not visible though in Task Manager it shows it as Running. Cubage 6, could not find license or something to that effect. Other programs seem to run ok.

In regular mode I opened Cubase 6.5 all is well there. The audio Sends and Inserts behave properly.

Tried the Shift-alt-ctrl. And selected the middle choice to disable the Preferences. This did not help. Opened an audio track and the Sends and Inserts were still nowhere to be found.

So I suppose what remains to try is to completely uninstall Cubase the V 7.06 which is currently installed. Best to use the Cubase uninstaller? Then install V 7.05 then 7.06? Is this an update or a complete Cubase.

Hi had the Same issue there is a thread in the issue reports forum
Basically had to reinstal C7 and update again and it worked fine

Best to use the Cubase uninstaller? Then install V 7.05 then 7.06?

Yes…Maybe delete any leftover Cubase folders if there are any then load Cubase 7.05 complete installer from here.

Then update to 7.06.

Using your original installer plus 7.06 may also work if you want to avoid the 5Gb download…but this way seems to definitely work…

Thanks All for all the help.

I ended up installing 7.0.0 from the disk while online. All is working just fine.
Now I am afraid to proceed as I do not want to spend 5 more hours on this
troubleshooting misadventure.

I should add that I used preferences from my 7.0.6 Version so the Preferences were not the cause
Of my problems.

Ok. I updated from 7.0.0 to 7.0.6 and all the issues I had are now gone.
I just hope No new issues were created.

Thanks a much Grim and boobar :smiley: :smiley: