No audio is recorded

Hope somebody can help me. I am not able to record an audio track, and can’t figure out why. I do believe that all my connections are set up right. There’s no problems playing tracks - I do have an output sound. I know this is very basic, and my description is a bit thin…(upgraded from 6.5 - where everything worked fine).
And then I don’t understand why I haven’t got access to more in my Audio Connections window, than my input and output…where are the remaining dropdown menus (Control Room, External Instruments etc.)?

Well…I fixed my main problem…now I’m able to record. (bad wire connection in mixer).
I would still like to know the reason why my Audio Connection window seems incomplete…is is due to the fact that my version is an Artist and not a Pro…does anybody know?

Yes. It’s because only the PRO version has additional tabs other than Inputs and Outputs.

Control Room, External Instruments, etc, are not drop-down menus. They are called tabs. Drop-down menus look like this:

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Thanx for the response…appreciate it.

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