No audio monitoring M-Audio audio interface

Recently got a new iPad to work with Cubasis Ios.
Plugged in my old M-Audio Fast Track Pro through a lambda usb-c hub. My audio interface works well on my PC with any DAW.
In cubasis, I tried to record an audio track but audio monitoring has worked only one time. Further tries didn’t work anymore. I don’t understand why because it still works well with Garageband…
Can someone bring some support please ?

Hi @Guillaume_Touret,

Thanks for your message and a warm welcome to the Cubasis forum!

Cubasis for iOS fully supports using class compliant audio devices.

Please take a look at the “Adding Audio tracks” chapter of our “Getting started with Cubasis” tutorial, to learn more about audio routing in Cubasis.

If you encounter issues using your hardware device with Cubasis, we recommend getting in touch with M-Audio. In addition, it might be required directly connecting the HW to the iPad (not using a hub).

Hope that helps!