No audio on any tracks!


I’ve just encountered a very frustrating error. I left two projects open on my computer whilst I did something else. When I returned to them, neither are playing any audio whatsoever! I didn’t change anything, but I did have a skype call, which is the only thing I can think of that might have affected it.

  • No tracks are showing any signs of audio output, no signal on the faders or anything. Some are midi, some are audio
  • Nothing is reaching the Stereo out either because of this.
  • I’ve checked my connections and everything appears to be working and connected
  • I’ve loaded a few projects and this is consistent

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

was probably skype - but you haven’t given enough detail to really help.

Can I suggest your reboot your mac/pc (?) first and see if that fixes it.

Yes, I’ll try that. I restarted the program and that had no effect.

What details might be helpful if that doesn’t work?


mac / windows
project sample rate - sound card sample rate
cubase version

I think a reboot should fix it though :crossed_fingers:

Ah ok, I’ll remember those for next time!

But you’re right, a restart solved it!

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