No audio out in Cubase 9

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I am getting no audio out of Cubase 9. I managed to record audio, and see the wav/info, but when playing back I hear nothing. I see the signal in the mixer, both for the audio channel and stereo out, but nothing through my monitors or headphones. I have set the VST connections correctly, both In and Out. I am using a Mackie ONYX desk with a firewire connection. Can anyone help, please? This is the first attempt at recording.

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Make sure the Monitor (speaker button) is disabled while playback.


I’ve recently found that I can no longer select my soundcard in Audio Device (Outputs). I have no problems with Inputs, and I can get both inputs and outputs working if I use the Generic Low Latency ASIO driver. I recently updated to 9.5 though this hasn’t helped. Any ideas would be really appreciated.

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What kind of Audio Device is it? Do you have the latest driver installed?

What exactly do you mean by “cannot”? Is it greed-out? If you click on it it jumps back to Not Connected? Or any message? Or…?

W10 updates can certainly mess with drivers if this is your o/s? Uninstall and clean install the driver and try again.

Also as Martin suggests, please explain in more detail how you can’t select them or add screenshots to show the problem.