No Audio Output, despite correct Audio Connections, VST Audio Systems settings

Hi all. I trust you’re all safe.

I’m hoping someone can help with my very frustrating problem.

I recently moved my desktop Mac Pro 2009 (with 5,1 firmware update) Nuendo 10/macOS High Sierra) over to a mid-2015 15" Retina MacBook Pro (2.8GHz quadcore/16GB RAM) running macOS Catalina.

My audio interface is a Tascam UH-7000, for which Tascam released macOS Catalina drivers around June last year. Note that I receive audio through this interface when I play iTunes mp3s, and also on YouTube, etc. It just doesn’t play any audio whatsoever when I open a .npr song file in Nuendo 10. I can see the audio track waveform, but there is no level showing that audio is passing through. It’s rather baffling.

I’ve gone through as many online forums as possible, to see if anyone has experienced a similar issue, to no avail - just obvious solutions for those who didn’t properly set up stereo out busses in Audio Connections and/or who hadn’t selected their audio interface’s drivers in VST Audio Systems.

The only other things I can think of, are:

  • I updated the Tascam audio interface’s firmware. It turned out that this was an unnecessary step, as the unit already had the latest firmware update installed.
  • Under my old setup (Mac Pro/High Sierra), the Tascam interface offered two different driver options - Core Audio, and Bit Accurate. Under Catalina, Core Audio is the only available driver.

I may have to revert to macOS High Sierra (or try out Mojave) if I can’t resolve this soon, so any suggestions outside of the obvious Audio Connections, VST Audio Systems tweaks, would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

You should be ok with the Core Audio. Someone else had similar issues on here, search the forum here for some post from yesterday. I answered with some settings too, and someone else had a solution you might want to try… allowing permissions for microphone for Nuendo.

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Hi again, all!

I’ve successfully got audio output in Nuendo 10, by creating an Aggregate Device in Audio MIDI Setup, and assigning my Tascam driver to it (leaving the Tascam driver as the designated input/output device). I then selected the Aggregate Device as the driver in VST Audio Systems. After this was done, most of the audio track outputs defaulted to No Bus. I simply reassigned them all to the stereo out bus. Thanks to Felipe_Garcia’s suggestion in his 2016 post reply to a similar issue.
Maybe this can help others experiencing a similar issue?

I’ll be monitoring (pun intended) the performance of this Aggregate Device selection over the next week, just to check if it is a stable, permanent solution. I’d still be interested in hearing from any experienced Nuendo users (running macOS Catalina) who can offer a fix to use the Tascam audio interface driver on its own.

Thanks in advance!

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Will try out your suggestions…

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