No Audio Output despite having tried everything

Yo! I’m new to this whole thing honestly, not a big fan of making posts asking for help Especially on something as simple as this.

I just got Cubase 12 completely installed and when I go to listen to anything, I have no audio.
I looked it up, saw that most of it is setting up your audio drier to it and followed walkthrough: Studio > Studio Setup > Audio System > I tried every ASIO Driver I have, Stuck with Generic Low Latency since my other options don’t really count anymore for me. > Went into Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver Audio and connected my Wave Link XLR (Set Microphone Streaming to Input and Speaker Streaming to Output) > Pressed F4 for Audio Connections and made sure Generic Low Latency ASIO was selected for Both Inputs and Outputs.

None of that worked, I even changed it to every audio device I have and could still never hear anything; after each time I changed it, I’d always go to Audio Connections and make sure the audio device was swapped (Always was)

It shows audio is playing on the Mixer, but on my Wave XLR It shows nothing. Idk what to do anymore at this point since I’ve tried everything a newbie can know.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

Hi and welcome to the forum,

If the device comes with an ASIO driver, install it and use it.

If not, use ASIO4ALL (on Windows), please.


Thank you so much!
I downloaded it and reset the program and boom bam bing we’re good!