No audio output in Cubase LE AI Elements 7 Demo

I downloaded this demo to see if I want to purchase Cubase 7 after seeing some great videos of people using it to program drums. For some reason, I get no sound when mapping out beats in a project using Drum Editor. I can select different hits using the drumstick, and I can press play and see the program playing back what I programmed - I just get no sound.

I have not been able to determine what the issue is - has anyone encountered this/know of a fix? This is the first thing I’ve tried to do in the demo and I’m not sure what other sound issues I might have i.e. with other VST instruments

Running a Macbook pro with OS X Mavericks

The Drum editor is just the trigger for an instrument…do you have a drum instrument loaded?

I think so? I went:

Project -> Add Track -> Instrument, selected Drum Groove Agent ONE and then edited its settings and picked one of the kits from the dropdown.

When I go to MIDI -> Drum Map Setup, the window that pops up says “Not Connected” in the lower left-hand side under Output. When I open the dropdown, there are no other options.

Am I missing some sort of driver? The ReadMe file that came with the demo download just says I need to make sure I have “Core Audio compatible audio hardware” but the link provided ( just gives me an error message. I’m not sure what I should be looking for

markherrera, Silly question but have you set up the MIDI Audio SetUp in MBPro Utilities, and then the Device Set Up in Cubase? Do any of the other MIDI instruments make a sound?

I can’t get other MIDI insruments to make sound either. As for the Auido MIDI Setup in my Utilities, I’m not sure what I would change or set up there - also the below link says “Settings of the Mac OS X utility “Audio MIDI Setup” do not affect the usage of built-in audio inputs and ouputs in Cubase” so I’m a little lost there

I think the problem is going to be the settings in the MIDI set up and the device set up in Cubase not connecting. I will have a look at mine later. It is the MIDi set up not the audio setup. You are generating the sound through MiDI I think. audio is when you import a sound track. I am away from my computer so I can’t check this.

Check that Cubase is working internally: when you play an instrument, using a controller (keyboard), does the level bar move in its widow to the left of the selected track (1) even if there is no sound from the speakers. The selected track type needs to be ‘instrument’ or ‘MIDI’ not an Audio track as the Mac generates the sound…

I have a project open that I added two VST instruments to - a drum kit through Groove Agent One and a MIDI piano track. I programmed some random notes and hits on each track, and when I go back to play it, I only see the bar move on the piano track. I don’t hear anything from either track, drums or piano. Each instrument also looks like it has different volume editing options (when you click the arrow for Show/Hide Automation) but toying with them doesn’t change anything.

Why is this so complicated? I was seriously considering buying Cubase Artist until I downloaded this demo and have had all these issues.

Quick note. When you record the piano part does cubase actually record the track. Can you see the wave forms on the track. What we are looking for is that there is something actually recorded on the track. If so does it look like a audio wave form? If so the next step is to get the sound to the speakers. I will check this when I am near my computer. I have only got back Cubase and audio in the last fortnight so I am having to re learn a lot.


Okay, I could not get Cubase to record anything internally. I did not try the internal microphone.
It seems as if the instruments are MIDI tracks. Perhaps there is a connection I don’t know about that routes the internal midi through the midi sound back to audio.
So I quit Cubase, turned on my Synth, opened Cubase again sorted out the MiDI and Audio drivers, device set up for the synth etc. All worked perfectly. I notices the Cubase instruments were MIDi tracks. I managed to get the instruments in cubase to play back through the synth.
It looks like you need an external connection to record and play. Sorry if this is not much help.
Edited 16/9
Oops, I may have used the wrong keyboard. I realise there is one in Devices. I’ll have another go. I am sure once there is a recorded track it should be playable thru the MBP speakers

Try this.
Open Cubase. Go to Devices, set up ‘in built audio’, check VST Connections that audio input and out put is set to built in audio.
In main window ‘Add Track’ choose an Instrument track. Choose a HALion Sonic Instument (any for the moment).
Go to main window, go to Devices, select virtual Keyboard, It will bring up an extended transport window, in the top left area the is a octave of QWERTY plus Numberic in keyboard pattern. Select record enable and click the record dot in the transport and as you click on the QWERTY letters it should record. Now check that the Audio volume is up on the apple keyboard, and the little monitor button on the track box and you should hear the recording on playback. If this is okay them you can extend to the HALion drum instruments. Let me know if it fails. If it fails post the steps you have taken.

That worked! Thanks so much for the help!