No audio output on MIDI track

I am a newbie to Cubase and have problems getting a midi instrument to play.

I selected a midi instrument in one of the presets, inputted some notes using the score. I selected another instrument and put in some notes using a midi keyboard. I can see the notes on the main screen, and when I select play, I can see the little graphs to the left of the track fluctuating, and also the one on the bottom right of the screen. However, there is no audio output.

I also imported an audio track, and that plays fine.

I am hoping there is an experienced user out there that may be able to point me in the right direction. I have added some screenshots that will hopefully aid my explanation.
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Since fairly recently, you have to click the Monitor button on the track to hear MIDI. I’m always forgetting…

Thanks for the reply Crotchety. I have tried your suggestion, but unfortunately it didn’t work.

How is the Wavestation connected to your computer?

As far as I can see from your screen-grabs you appear to be sending MIDI messages to the onboard Microsoft synth rather than your Wavestation. You need to select the correct MIDI output (the one your Wavestation is connected to).

Thanks for the suggestion Planarchist. I suspect that the output routing is the problem, but I really am naive on these issues :slight_smile: . Would you be kind enough to suggest how I can check and resolve the routing? Thanks in advance.

Select the midi track you want to route…On the left of the project window in the inspector where it says MicrosftG…tablesynth click and in the drop down menu select one of the Halion instances you have loaded.
Select the other track and route to the other Halion instrument.

That said…there is an easier way to do this from scratch that wouldn’t need any additional routing. You can create a Track instrument (Yours are currently Rack Instruments) and load Halion and record the midi straight on to the same track.

As you get the hang of things you can still use other midi tracks feeding the same instrument and can activate multi outs etc.
There are very few reasons (if any…though I’m sure somebody will have some) to use Rack instruments other than for compatibility with old projects (Track instruments are relatively new)

THANK YOU Grim! Great instructions, it works. Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions

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After 2 hours of frustration I found the answer here !

Thanks Jon201 for the question
Thank you Grimm for the answer !
And other members :+1: