No audio output when preview offline process

When I select an audio event, then click the audio tab and select process or plug-ins, then select a plugin there is no audio output when I click on preview, but the UI of the plugin shows that audio is being read. I have to for now just click the process tab to listen to the results of the plug-in effect and then go back to make any appropriate adjustments to the settings of the plugin.

Thanks in advance to anyone who has any suggestion or a solution to this, only happens since I started using windows pro 8.1 fresh install, didn’t happen with windows 7.

regards Ed


this is due to the wrong using of Outputs.

Open VST Connections > Outputs, and set the Stereo Out to Not Connected, please. Then open Studio tab, and Add a Monitor 1 bus. Route the Monitor 1 to the same physical output, where the Stereo Out was before (to your main speakers).

Now, you can hear the sound of previews. All previews are routed thru the Monitor 1 bus, same as the Main output. Monitor 1 should be always used as a main output in Cubase Pro and Nuendo.

Btw: Monitor 1 has one more advantage: Studio connections is global, not project related. So it will not be overwritten by opening any project.

I hope, this works for you.

Thanks for the reply Martin, I will try it later tonight, many thanks :wink: