no audio output with UR242

Hello i have no problème Harding music or Windows sound with m’y ur242 . However as son as i try with cubage ai 9 no sound Can bé hard whatsoever, whilst the sou d is platine in cubage. I havegone through the troubleshooting in cubage and checked everything.
Still, il is platine in cubage, but no sound out through earphones.
Please help.

Hi and welcome,

Is Steinberg/Yamaha USB river selected as an ASIO Driver in the Devices > Device Setup > VST Audio System?

Is Line Out 1 and Line Out 2 selected in the VSTConnections > Stereo Out?

Did you try to increase the Buffer Size?

I’m so sorry Mr Jirsak, i wasn’t notified at that time for your reply, and only seeing it now.
Please accept my apologies.