No Audio Output


I recently purchased Dorico Elements 3.

I have installed Dorico and the HALION sounds package. The sound packages show up in the Library.

However I am experiencing NO sound when using Dorico. Dorico does not show up in the sound manager of Windows and there is no device to choose from in neither Dorico nor the ASIO Generic Lower Latency Driver program. The two white boxes are empty.

I have tried looking for help to this problem to no avail.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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PS. I am also having issues exporting Dorico sample projects (as a test) to audio or to MIDI, the files are just corrupted on export. I will upload my diagnostic file for a better insight.
Dorico (296 KB)

If there is no device listed then that suggests that you need to change the exclusive mode checkbox in the Generic Low Device control panel. You should find that an output device will then appear. If that doesn’t fix it then go through some of the steps in the troubleshooting video from around 12:00

Thank you, the video contained a solution.

Although I must express I am disappointed at the fact that Dorico will not work unless I lower my headset volume to a low “CD” quality hertz rate.

Thanks again for the assistance.

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That what Dorico offers as sampling rates does not only depend on the Generic Low Latency Driver, but also on settings within Windows.
Right click on the speaker icon in your task bar, then choose Sound Settings. Within the new window press Device Properties, where yet another window opens.
In that move to the Advanced tab, what are your settings there? Maybe you could post a screenshot.

The vast majority of sample libraries, including those supplied with Dorico, contain content recorded at either 44.1 or 48kHz. Increasing the playback sample rate beyond that creates extra work for your CPU with no perceptible increase in quality.

In any case, if you are using the default on-board soundcard of your PC then this will be much lower than CD quality anyway.