no audio output

im not getting any output audio from cubase6.5

It is set on the generic asio, and i go to vst connections and it says they are both connected. fine, but still no audio.

i downloaded asio v2 and set it up last night and it was working. but i started up cubase today and it says they are disconnected.

havent changed my headphones/mixer setup at all.

any suggestions?


Did it work before?
Is the control room turned on?
Go to VST connections > studio and check if it’s activated.
If so, turn it off, check your output connections again
and try to play some audio.

Though the control room is a powerful tool it sometimes
leads to confusion.

im not seeing this studio button. when i go to vst connections it only says


add bus


Which version of Cubase are we talking about?

Must be Artist 6.5 if you’re not seeing the other tabs in VST Connections.

Are you using built-in sound or a dedicated audio interface/soundcard?

Did you open up the same project you had ASIO4ALL working with? VST Connections are saved with the project.

Some basic system specs would be most helpful here.