No audio output

I’m using windows 7 with the akai EIE audio interface along with cubase le 5. Recording is completely fine, upon play back I only get audio feed through one side of my headphones (I don’t have studio monitors) it was something that just happened over night, one day it worked now it doesn’t. all of the connections are correct and they driver is set correctly. I’ve done all basic troubleshooting and can’t find what I need. I’m pretty sure it’s something really simple because I’ve fixed the issue in the past. I can’t remember what I did though last time to correct it.

Did you check your VST Connections - Outputs?

yep:/ I’ve tried it a few times. I’ve been finding that the audio activity main mix output channel is what the issue is. When I play back my recording it’s only feeding on one side or the other of my head phones depending on what it’s set to on the audio track on the left hand panel. that being said I have the option of no bus, stereo, left, and right. no mater what setting it’s on I only get feed from one side.

Are you talking about recording and playing back a single track?

What are you recording?

Mono or stereo input?

Mono or stereo track?

Do you see “stereo” output on your master output meter?

Can you post a screenshot of your VST Connections Inputs/Outputs?

Generally, you would have your track’s output routed to your main stereo out.

The part I circled is what the issue is, it only feeds audio on one side or the other depending what you set it to. it just started happening over night… I’ve also found that the same thing occurs when I use audacity as well

Depending on what you set “what” to?

Sounds like it could be an interface problem rather than a Cubase problem. Hard to tell without more details.

So …

Mono or stereo input?

Mono or stereo track?

What is the track’s input set to?

What is the track’s output set to?

If you are recording a mono input, set up a mono input in VST Connections and select that as your track’s input.

When I say “what” I’m referring to the input output settings that you can find on the left side of the screen, where it has the drop down panel of “audio 01” “Inserts” “equalizers” “sends” “channel” at the very bottom of the “audio 01” panel it has the input output drop downs where it says stereo in, stereo out. I have it set to stereo and the output feeds to only my left earphone. if I set it to “right” it only feeds out of the right earphone, and left if set to left. I know they both work. It’s a matter on just getting it to work at the same time. Also, this only happens with stuff I recorded. if I put an mp3 file in cubase or any DAW it plays back fine. only stuff I’ve recorded gives me this issue. My interface is the Akai Professional EIE. Hope this was helpful enough for someone to understand.

Okay so I’ve been playing around with it some more, I’ve found recording is only being recorded on one side as well. that being said I’ve tried stereo and mono. neither make a difference, I think there maybe something with the interface after all. I’m finding that it’s only recording left stereo…

It sounds like you’re trying to record a mono instrument into a stereo track. When you add your track:

Change that stereo option to mono and then select the input your instrument is plugged into and you should be good to go. Keep us updated.


Okay so I had everything fixed… My computer likes to change settings on its own… so after getting asio4all V.2 re installed and my interface’s driver re installed I cannot get a connection for output on the vst, in put can find my EIE connection, but output has nothing to choose from.

Why are you using ASIO4ALL if your interface has an ASIO driver? This could be part of your problem. What happens if you use your interface driver instead?

That’s how it’s always set up. I doesn’t work with any other driver. Like I said one minute it was working the next it wasn’t.

Sorry I think I meant to say that I re installed the interface as a device on my pc. Cubase and my interface are only compatible with ASIO4ALL. All that’s wrong is one day I had VST connections for Input and Output in the VST connection set up. And now my computer only finds an input. When I go to set up output it says no connection. It should have a list of EIE 1, EIE 2, EIE 3, EIE 4, to pick from like the output does. Last time I had a similar issue with output (which I had fixed and then a few days later this happened) my pc thought the device was being used in another program, which it wasn’t. I have no other applications open when I’m having these issues.

Are you sure you have the ASIO4ALL driver selected in Cubase’s Device Setup?

It sounds like possibly an ASIO4ALL control panel setup issue.

If you could post screenshots of your VST Connections inputs/outputs it would help greatly.

Yeah I’ve selected everything correctly. I’ve seen it done a million times already because of the issue.

This is what my issues are consisting of
Cubase shot 2.jpg
Cubase shot 1.jpg

In your VST Connections - Outputs, what happens if you click on where it says “Audio Device - Not Connected”?

This is what I’ve been getting
Cubase shot 3.jpg

This is what it used to do before it decided to stop working but via output
Cubase shot 4.jpg

Check the ASIO4ALL control panel. Make sure you have the proper outputs enabled there so Cubase can see them.

Your inputs look correct, other than you might want to set up a mono input bus if you are recording a mono source.