No Audio Output

I have started my “Cubase Experience” with the Elements trail (hoping to step up to Cubase 7.5 soon). I assume that this is a generic issue with all levels of Cubase and not specific for Elements?

I am running a HP Pavillion g6 with Windows 8.1 and want to use the internal audio there, something which is no problem with anything else (Reason 7, ACID Pro 7 etc).

I have tried every solution I have found on the net, but I can’t get beyond “Not Connected” in the VST connections’ output. I tried using Asio4all which is accepted in the device setup, but still not working in the VST Connections.

I really want to continue learning Cubase, so all help is truly appreciated.

Thank you!

We do not officially support generic devices that do not have a dedicated ASIO driver. That said, ASIO4ALL is typically the best way to have them work. I would suggest setting the ASIO driver in Devices, Device Setup, VST Audio System to the ASIO4ALL. Then open the Control Panel for ASIO4ALL and verify that it is accessing the audio device you are trying to use. I hope this information is helpful.