No Audio Output

Hey guys!
So today I purchased a Yamaha MG10XU to go with my audio-technica AT2020 microphone. So I downloaded Cubase AI8, and it works perfectly with the microphone…except for the fact that it does not recognize the headphones in my mixer as an “audio output” . They’re just plain old headphones that I used with my old mixer just fine but when I go to the software it says that the audio output is non existent and it gives me the option to select my mixer but it doesn’t let me actually select it. Maybe I need to buy Yamaha headphones? If so I will be very angry because I already spent a lot of money on this stuff. If someone could help me out that would be AMAZING!

Hello Misspixel,

When you open Cubase AI8 and go to Devices>Devices Setup>VST Audio System>what ASIO driver do you see currently selected?