No audio pilot detected on cubase element 13 for windows 10

Hi, Unable to find the driver for my audio speakers on the studio setup. I loaded Cubase Element 13 on my Lenovo laptop (iCore 5). My audio speakers are Alesis brand, USB PnP Audio Device model. I don’t see the speaker driver appear, only “Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver” appears. I can hear a little bit of sound coming from the laptop’s internal speakers. Thanks for your help !

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Most probably the speakers don’t have own driver, most probably you connect them via audio cable to your built in audio device.

Therefore I would recommend to use ASIO4ALL.

Just curious: What is the type of your Alesis speakers?

Thanks, I will try

M1 Active 330 USB

From Alesis M1 Active 330 USB User Guide:

If you experience too much latency, we recommend the free ASIO4ALL (Audio Stream Input/Output) driver for Windows at ASIO drivers generally perform better than the computer’s built-in drivers and with lower latency since they create a more efficient communication between audio devices and software.
1. Download and install the free ASIO4ALL driver from This will allow for low-latency performance.
2. Double click the installer file (.exe). Follow the on-screen prompts to install the included low-latency ASIO4ALL driver.

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This is indeed the solution recommended by the manufacturer Alesis, thank you! And now, I’m trying to install the speakers with Asio4all, but it’s not easy… The Windows driver takes over the USB plug-in… I’m still looking, but if you have the solution, this would be very good

Should be simple. Windows takes control of the Alesis USB device, ASIO4ALL is based on this and provides the ASIO software interface functionality.
[1] Install ASIO4ALL
[2] Start Cubase
[3] If displayed, select “ASIO4ALL v2” in the start dialog

[4] In Cubase “Studio Setup”, “Audio System”, check/set the ASIO driver “ASIO4ALL v2”.

[5] In “Audio Connections” attach Cubase’s I/O* busses to the existing ports of the audio device.

(*Depending on the device, no audio inputs may be available)

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