No audio playback in Cubase 4

Hi all,

I’ve been working on a project for some time and all of a sudden when i load my project no audio is playing back. I’ve tried pretty much everything; resetting the soundcard, switching to another and switching back, restarting the mac etc etc all of which have no done anything.

It just appears thats like all audio playback has been disabled for that particular project and not others, almost as though the project file is now corrupt for playing audio back now or something. It happened again on another project when i accidently unplugged my soundcard whilst the project was still open and now refuses to playback audio anymore.

Even when i switch it to ‘built in audio’ soundcard playback it doesn’t playback any audio whatsoever.

There must be a way to reset it so you can get audio playback some way - and also i’ve tried clicking ‘reset’ on the device setup window and that does nothing either.

Really really appreciate some help on this.



Hey …
I guess you miss the “VST Connections”

Go to
Devices > VST Connections (or just press F4)

then go to “Output”
and check if it’s not Missing or something …

if it’s something
click on the missing output and try switching it to another one …

this should work …