No audio playback on instrument track

Recorded a drum track with Cubase Elements 9.5) GrooveAgent SE, sounded and played like it should have a couple days ago, came back to it today, and track still shows audio events, but no sound output. I have tried all ways I know to unmute, enable track. Any assist appreciated

Maybe create a new instrument track for GrooveAgent and move the midi parts to it.

No luck there, good call though

Are there any samples assigned to the pads? There is at least no preset loaded.

Just for understanding, the track shows no audio events, instrument tracks are MIDI data. You need to make sure that the MIDI gets played back with an instrument and that the instrument has loaded a sound (preset).

I will have to profess an embarrassing lack of understanding when it comes to MIDI. I do have MIDI cables running from an older CASIO CT*670 into my audio interface UMC404HD, but have very little idea on how to actually use it. I had simply dragged one of the pads from Groove agent, found it to be a likable loop, and just figured it would remain as a drum track?

If it helps to help,this is what it looked like when I was using it, knew I might bugger it all up, so I took a screenshot.

OK, I opened up GrooveAgent, figured out how to get it back to the shown settings, and drum track is playing as intended. Is there a way to save it as an audio track, so that GrooveAgent is not needed?

You could try Render In Place.

Not having much luck with that, I can export it, and it comes with another track, and much lower levels. Seems like you should just be able to convert it to an audio track, but maybe that’s wishing, or pure ignorance on my part :man_shrugging:? It makes it a lot more difficult to slice and copy/ move portions of the drum track, like this luddite is used to doing. Going to dig in with some GA tutorials to become more familiar, I was hoping it would be fairly intuitive for me, but alas…

Looked into the Render in Place, seems it is not an available function in the Elements version. That seemed fairly straightforward, so that’s unfortunate.

Render-in-place cheat: Create an audio track with its input as the output of the GA track and record the whole track in real time.

Thanks Bob, appreciate! I have found some valuable YouTube tutorials on this, working through it, appreciate the input!

Brian… that’s often the thing with computers and music! I’m from the days of DOS and FSK sync on a 4-track cassette. Worked through a lot in my life.
You will learn and move on to bigger and better things!!

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