No audio playback

I am using Scarlett 2i2 and Cubase LE 7. I have recorded successfully in the past and had playback. Now it won’t playback at all. I had done some recording and listening - all was fine. I then unplugged the 2i2 from the 2014 MacBook Pro and took the laptop with me for a few days. When I returned home all I did was plug the 2i2 back in, However, none of the already recorded songs will play back. No settings were changed. Nothing. Recording & playback work in GarageBand, and I can hear playback through the computer speakers. But not while using headphones into 2i2 and while using Cubase. This does not appear to be a solo/mute/monitor issue. Mixer volume is up. Waveform is evident. New recording shows new waveform. Simply no playback through headphones in 2i2. Other headphones do the same, but both pairs of headphones work in other applications (GarageBand, YouTube… anything else).
Any help at all would be nice.

Problem has been solved. Device Set-up in Cubsase was set to default and not to 2i2. No idea why it was not saved from earlier.