No audio signal coming in

Really odd, I have C12P (12.0.10 build 247) up and running on an M1Max MacBookPro with a MOTU 828es interface. I’m pretty sure I have everything configured properly, but for some reason I can’t get signal from the analog inputs into the DAW. I thought it was an issue with the MOTU and have been troubleshooting with them, but just now I tried to record with Logic and that went fine.

Control Room is off, all audio connections and studio setup looks fine to this user coming from 9.5

Has something changed in newer versions of Cubase? What am I missing here?

P.S. I have always had Cubase set up as a tape recorder. No software monitoring etc. Just dumb I/O, let the interface handle everything else.

Looks like you are selecting a stereo input for each channel ( L +R) instead of a mono input for L+R?

IE - for Stereo in 2 - You have selected analog one for left, which itself looks like a stereo channel, and Analog 2 for right, which also looks configured as a stereo channel?

I was trying to record a synth, but stereo or mono doesn’t make a difference, if you create a mono audio track you just have to select which input to use.

The confusion might arise out of the fact that MOTU has a bit of an oddball naming scheme, in that they labeled the inputs on the front Mic/Inst 1-2, and the inputs on the back are label analog 1-8. So for the computer analog in 1 is actually input #3. To be complete, they name the input analog 1 - 3.

That certainly doesn’t win them any awards for clarity, but I guess they want to be thorough.

This just in from Steinberg USA support:

"There is a security preference on Mac OS that needs to be checked to allow permission for Cubase/your DAW to have control of the inputs or mic. It is found under Apple>system preferences>Security and privacy>Privacy tab>Microphone. Cubase must have a check in the box. "

That fixed it. So simple, doh :man_facepalming:

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Ah great, glad you fixed it, Yes I did wonder if I was just misunderstanding the naming system :slight_smile: