No audio signal in cubase elements 8

Hi all,
I hadn’t used cubase for a good while due to being bogged down with uni work, and opened it up for the first time in almost a year today. My projects load and playback with no problems at all, but when i add a new track, the audio does not register at all in cubase. I can hear sound through my headphones that are plugged into the UR22 but theres no signal in the program.

I have only ever recorded in the simplest of ways i.e. plug in mic - record vocal, plug in guitar - record guitar, plug in bass - record bass, nothing fancy at all.

My first thought was to update the UR22 driver, and so i did that, and also reinstalled cubase from the steinberg website, but the problem persists. I deleted all inputs and outputs in the VST control panel and started from scratch there, and as far as i can see everything is set up as it should be. I checked that nothing was muted on the mixing desk but still no sound! As i said, i have only ever really used the most basic functions of the program and so im not all that savvy with it, and i expect its something really simple that im just not noticing, but any help would be gratefully recieved. Ive included screenshots of my set up and settings.

Start by using a Cubase version that is compatble with your OS, or use an OS that is approved for you Cubase version.