No audio sound

Hi, I can’t hear the audio sound. I have an external sound card with yamaha MG 10 XUF mixer. I used to use Audacity and record from MG-XU and playback from GE 200 or windows High Definition Audio. On Cubase I don’t hear the audio, I’ve tried all the settings. Some good soul can tell me where I’m wrong?

thank you


Maybe not all lol.

Please put your OS version and platform ,in your profile and your Cubase product name and version so your questions can better be answered.

In the meantime, make sure you have installed the ASIO driver for your device, and that it is selected in Cubase Studio Setup> Audio System.

Then make sure your Studio Setup>Audio Connections are are configured the way you need it.

hi Steve, than kyou for Your answer. My PC : windows 10 pro 64 bit 16 GB. Cubase 12 elements .
In the audio link connection audio device
audio system Asio driver Yamaha steimberg USB ASIO
in audiobox driver: asio driver I/O port system in out have the same MG-XU. In out I’d have GE 200 or windows High Definition?
in audio connection output and input port MG-XU 1 and 2
With Audacity input line MG-XU. Output I could choose GE 200 or windows High Definition
Thanks again for your help

You should only look at two things:

in Cubase:
Studio Setup>Audio System, and
Studio Setup>Audio Connections.

Please take the time needed to completely understand my response above ( I presume you are using a translator) Please! Use punctuation and capitalization so your reply is legible.

Note that Audacity is not relevant for this question. It uses a different method to produce audio, which has nothing to do with Cubase.

I try to be clearer:

Studio Setup>Audio System,: I can choose three drivers 1 :Yamaha steimberg USB Asio, 2 : ASIO4ALL 3: Generic Low latency ASIO driver

Studio Setup>Audio Connections.
In: audio ASIO4ALL (the one I selected) , Port: HD audio mixed capture 1
out: audio ASIO4ALL (the one I selected) , Port: HD Audio SPIDIF out 1

I tried the 3 drivers in audio system but nothing happened. what could i have done wrong?
thanks again

There are two (2) things you need to do.

  1. Set the ASIO driver to Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO

  2. Configure Audio Connections>Outputs.

If you need further help, provide screen shots of those windows, like this:
(your images will be slightly different than mine)

I Have a yamaha MG 10 XUF mixer.
A Mooer GE200 Multi-Effect Guitar Pedal connected with the external speakers.
I set windows audio: Input line MG-XU Output GE 200.
If I set output MG-XU I can’t hear anything. So output must be GE200.
In cubase the only output is MG-XU
If I use ASIOALL in control pannel I can see GE200

I hope it is clearer

I solved the problem. On the mixer was set line and not USB. What a stress.! thanks anyway er the help