No audio through computer

No experience with these devices, but i have a UR22MK2 Steinberg using Cubase 9.5 LE. I have watched tutorials and setups but i cant play the music back through my computer. I changed the settings and it worked previously but i was having issues recording other devices. I did read one forum which said it isnt possible and i need headphones or a speaker hooked up to the UR22MK2.

Any help would be appreciated. Its for my daughter and im about to buy her a pony instead because it seams easier!!


Yes, that´s what you should do: Connect some speakers to the UR 22MkII.

Otherwise change the driver in cubase to Generic low latency ASIO (or what it is called) and skip the UR22MIkII altogether. Just keep in mind, you will then not be able to use the UR 22 for recording.

Or use something like ASIO4all to combine the UR 22 and the computer onboard sound to one device though i personally would not recommend that.