No audio through speakers or headphones during play back

Hi there i recently purchased cubase 8.5 artist when i launch cubase it gives me options in what audio output to select but my PC’s sound card does not show up i then go to the devices tab on cubase and outputs and inputs and my sound card is still not there meaning i have no way of hearing play back. i am yet to connect my midi USB keyboard and am purely trying to play back one of the demo tracks.

If anyone has any solutions please help have had cubase 3 days and cant even use it yet


Louis Parker

select ASIO4all as Driver.( if that not work try others: ASIO directX full duplex, driver of your audio-interface(if you got))
by no one of us is in this tab, the name of our internal, bought with the PC, PC-soundcard, availible. Cubase just use this one, as basically the Generic Low Latency ASIO driver, but it´s not recommended to choose this one in Cubase, because with this, you can´t work on complex interactions in cubase.

yes see the only options i get are the asio usb 2.0 driver and a nvidia high defenition sound and none of them work

try to download Asio4all and others you can find from the internet.