No audio using Built in Audio on Mac Pro

Hi, I have a Mac Pro and wish to use Cubase with Built in Audio on using my headphones. Unfortunately I am not getting any audio at all.

I only get sound if I change Devices to Display Audio instead of built in audio …but then I can’t use my headphones.

Any suggestions for getting audio to work in headphones using Built in audio?


did you set in device-menu–Device setup—VST-Audiosystem—the driver of your built in soundcard?

Yep and no sound , very frustrating. Ableton and logic work fine with built in audio. Does cubase have issues with built in audio on Mac pros?


What Cubase version nad what Mac OS X version do you use?

Hi Using Mac Pro Mid 2010, El Capitan (10.11.16). Cubase LE 8.

I found this information here:

“If you want to use the internal audio device of a Mac Pro for recordings in Cubase you are bound to the internal speaker for playback. The speaker is connected to the headphones output at the front (3.5 mm jack socket) and will be muted when you connect headphones or an according audio cable.”

Anything to do with what’s going on here?

I don’t want to have to buy an audio interface if possible. Please let me know if anyone has any ideas…


Make sure, you have the latest Cubase LE 8 update installed, please.

I expect your headphones are connected, when you want to listen the signal. But in general, I would expect, this is correct, when you can hear the signal from other SW.

Is Built-in Audio Output selected in the Devices > Device Setup > VST Audio System?

Is Out 1 and Out 2 selected in the Devices > VST Connections > Outputs?

Here is my setup. I’m using version 8.0.40 Build 623 (64 bit)


This is OK. What about VST Connections > Outputs?

Still no audio

This is also OK. Next one… (Mac OS X) System Preferences > Sound > Output tab, please?

This is interesting…

I wonder p, there is the Line Out item and the Headphones item. On my systems, the Line Out item changes to Headphones item, when I plug the Headphones in. I could see three reasons for this:
A) This Mac Pro has dedicated Line and Headphones Outputs.
B) There is an issue on the Mac OS X side.
C) I don’t know. :slight_smile: