no audio when export the audio file

Hello, im new to cubase I start recording a week ago, I created a new proyect and recorded the audio.

My problem now is that after export the mix, the file is created, but there is no sound when I play the file.

The export settings looks correct 48.000khz and 16bit exporting the chanel Stereo out.

I setup the outputs of the chanels to Stereo Out also.

I noticed that when I select export in real time, there is no audio in the monitors but the volume bars of the chanels continue moving. any other Idea of what the problem could be?

Make sure all input monitor- and record enable buttons are off before exporting.

I’m having the exact same issue!

I’ve ensured that the record and monitor buttons are switched off but still no joy!

Any other tips?


Are the tracks selected? Have you chosen the correct output bus? Any useful info?

Hi Svennilenni,

I’ve added some screenshots which will hopefully show a bit more.

So here I’ve just used an electronic drum kit (using the brain as an interface) to output a midi file. Plays back perfectly fine etc. Then, the screenshots show how I’ve tried to export it.

I’ve closed down Cubase afterwards as the sound in any other applications won’t work while Cubase is open.

Hopefully that makes sense but please let me know if I’m missing something glaringly obvious!!!


You do not have an audio connection from your drum brain to Cubase, and MIDI is not audio.

So do I need an additional audio connection as well? Wouldn’t that just duplicate the drum sounds?

Or is there any way to convert the MIDI to audio before exporting?

If you want to record the drum brainˋs audio, in Cubase, you need to have an audio connection from your drum brain to Cubase. If that duplicates the drum sounds depends on what exactly you are doing, what you have routed, and what your exact setup is.

Yes, by recording the drum brainˋs audio. Or by using a Vsti as sound device, will let you export the VSTi without convrting to audio first.