No Audio when Exporting Realtime

I am using Cubase Studio 5.5.3. When I do a realtime audio export, I can not hear the track while it is exporting. Moving the “audition volume” slider does not change anything.

I have read on the forum that control room is used for auditioning exports, but as Cubase Studio does not have control room, is it possible? I was able to hear realtime exports previously in an older version (5, not 5.5), but after the update, I can’t.

Aloha J,

I do not normally do Realtime exports but
after reading your post I decided to
open C5 and do a RTE.

You are correct.

I too could not find a way to ‘hear’ the audio
as it is being exported while using C5.xx.

I’ll keep trying different options and will
post back any positive results.

C5.xx still does export just fine.