No audio when playing controler only on playback

I don’t know can anybody help me with this, but ill give it a try! To be honest I’m at my wits end with cubase,
I’m running cubase 6 on a mbp, everything was fine until yesterday I pluged in my maudio keystation controller to the mac and no audio sounds when I press the keys??
The midi fader is moving up and down when I press the keys, and if I record a track I play the notes but can’t here them but the midi notes are there and when I play it back " I have sound"!
There’s nothing wrong with the ins and outs, input- keystation , output-whichever vat I’m using.
This is so off the wall and I have tried literally everything so I don’t hold out too much hope for a fix
But thanks for reading this anyway

Hi there,

  • Monitoring is off?
  • Control Room not set up correctly?



Hi Marcus
Yes monitoring is off, and all the drivers are fine, I’m just using the Mac’s built in audio as my soundcard as I’m away from my rig, I usually have the mac pluged into a motu 828, but everything is switched to the Mac’s soundcard
The controller is working fine in reason

It is a very strange problem. I have had to deal with it twice ever since I got Cubase 6.5
I solved it in the way as it is described in this thread. It concerns a slightly different problem but it basically comes down to trashing midi prefs and when you are done with that, everything should work out fine as it used to.

that done the trick, thanks for your help. i went into preferences and in midi, midi thru active wasn’t ticked.
strange thing is i never un-ticked it?
a well sorted now.
thanks again folks!

And thank you for pointing out it is the midi through. Now I know what I’m doing whenever the problem occurs again for no reason. :slight_smile: i wonder maybe there is a keyboard shortcut for deactivating midi thru that I sometimes hit by accident? It is worth checking out…