No audio with Cubase Elements on Windows 10

I’ve just bought Cubase Elements 9.5. Installed it on my laptop using Windows 10… so far so good.

In Audio Outputs it says ‘Not Connected’.
In the Audio Connections it says ‘Not Connected’, but has an option for Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver.

Not Connected’ is ticked, but it doesn’t allow me to select the alternative.

Does this mean I don’t have any ASIO driver installed?

I can’t work out how to select it. Do I need to download a driver?


It means no ASIO driver is selected or installed.

What Audio Device do you use?

In the Device Manager it says I am using Realtek High Definition Audio and Intel® Display Audio.

I’ve downloaded ASIO4ALL and that came up as an option… It worked. But I could no longer view Youtube videos (trying to learn how to use the program).
I rebooted and the ASIO4ALL disappeared from the options of output on Cubase.
Since then, I’ve spent the evening reinstalling the driver, but it’s still visible on Elements.


I found the solution in Studio> Studio Setup.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

However. It blocks viewing Youtube videos again.
I’ll have to live with that.

ey, ey - had the same starting problems with HD ONBOARD DEVICE AUDIO.
Just try to choose a better option of Soundcard in the future - better with an supported Asio Driver. PCI Slot - then you will have a much better experience!!

Ah right. I’m just using the on-board card in the laptop, of course. I’m guessing there’s no alternative unless I get another laptop, which won’t be happening.

im having a similar issue!!! it was working with my Apollo twin usb on windows

then out of no where it says audio ouput not connected I try to click where it says not connected it shows me the option to connect to my apollo twin
but it doesn’t connect just goes back to not connected…

please help