No audio within cubase

I have just bought cubase elements 10 and I cannot get any audio to play. I have made sure the ASIO is selected properly and the audio connections are also set up correctly I know this because I got 4 or 5 seconds of sound, but then it started popping and eventually the sound glitched and stopped entirely. I am using a Xonar DSX sound card which I have plugged ATH M60x headphones into. They work fine outside of cubase, but when I start running cubase, all audio stops (I assume because cubase takes control of that whole I/O system?). I have looked into the ‘control panel’ within cubase to try and change buffer size and latency, but the two options are greyed out. Is there any way to fix this without buying a mixer of sorts where I can adjust the latency etc. externally? because I really don’t want to have to buy one.

Hi and welcome.

Try to increase your Audio Device buffer Size, please.

I can’t. Both the bit-depth and latency options are greyed out in the ASIO control panel. Unless there is another way to change the buffer size?


Call the Audio Device Control Panel from Cubase, please. Studio > Studio Setup > Your ASIO Driver name (bellow the VST Audio System) > Control Panel.

Yes that’s what I mean. I get a small window with two drop down options: Bit-depth and latency. However I can’t interact with either of the drop downs and they are greyed out. I don’t know why that’s my question


Then I’m afraid, you have to quit Cubase, change the latency in the stand-alone Control Panel and start Cubase again. Not really good and modern driver then…