No Audio

Hi Guy’s, I don’t know where to post this so I thought here might be okay. I have a major problem – I lost all sounds (Audio) from Cubase. Other things have sound, just not Cubase went to Preferences / Sounds and found mute was not checked ( it was OK ). Under Select Device I have Internal microphone — Built-in . Still nothing at all. It has to be something in Cubase I need to repair, I’m at a total loss. Do any of you have an idea. I’ll try anything. I may need a guiding hand here. I’m not as computer savvy as you guy’s. Thanks loads.

Aloha J,
Try going to:
Devices/ ‘VST Connections’/Outputs.


Your Cubase version’s forum. First check Device Setup for correct ASIO driver, then VST Connections for correct buses then individual tracks for correct routing.

Thank you guy’s for giving me a starting point. Everything is working just fine now. Some how “Built in Audio” got
wiped out. Once I got that back all was good.