No audio ??!?


First of all, major kudos to the engineers producing (and testing) Cubase 8.0. Just more pleasurable and productive to use. Period.

Now … an issue, mostly likely something hidden that I need to uncover.

I will record audio tracks fine, play them back, save the project. Then I will reopen the project at a later time and the audio will not work. At all. This includes MIDI and Instrument tracks - nothing coming out or going in. But other projects (like the “Audio Works” project) will always be able to process audio fine. And if I copy tracks from the broken project into one with working audio, they play back fine. What is going on?

I have a M-Audio FastTrak Pro USB to do analog to digital and back. And of course ASIO4ALL (which is a HUGE improvement over the mix of things I was using before).

Thanks for any help,



Check your VST Connection setup, please. Is there an Stereo Output, which is connected to the Line Out 1-2 (or your main output).

Btw: as your main output, you should use Monitor 1 from Studio (Control Room) tab of VST Connections, in Cubase Pro.