No audio

I have recently loaded N7 from N5 and when I load the N5 project files some of the audio is now longer audible. Any suggestions? Am I missing something? Thanks.

Did you double and triple check all the routing already? Including bussing and outputs?

Exactly what Lydiot said. (Lydiot knows their stuff around here.) I have found the routing to be an issue with different versions.

Thanks guys. I’ve checked and re-checked. I then decided to bounce the audio files that were not audible and they showed no audio waveform which reflected no audio. But when I bounced the audible tracks there where wave forms visible to reflect the audio. Weird.

I have had no audio sometimes on a track all of a sudden, so I duplicate the track and the duplicated has audio again and I delete the old track. Weird, but it works.

Similar has happened to me. Big headache.

Weird. Thanks for letting us know that bouncing changed things.

Just discovered that the audio files are locked somehow.