No audition sound in Media Bay - Cubase 10

Seriously, I must be stupid.

I want to audition a kick drum. That is all.

But I´ve been trying to do this with Cubase / Groove Agent now for like 2 hours. But still it doesn´t work.

I open up the Media Bay, search for ´kick´ and get a list of kick drums, click one, no sound.

I can play the drum pads in Groove Agent via my mouse and midi keyboard, but auditioning a new kick in Media Bay produces no sound.

I´ve searched on the internet (they tell my to open up ´devices´ (which I think is a Cubase 8.5 option )and turn off the control room, but I don´t know where to find this.

Steinberg support online, looks like an earlier version of Cubase.

Turning CR on/off in Media Bay doesn´t make any difference.

I can´t see any routing options in CR - which I presume is control room.

I meeeeaaan…c´mon!! I´ve got to join the forum to ask this? To just make a beat and audition a kick??? It should be intuitive to audition sounds for drum pads!!


Please help someone! :slight_smile:


Well, you don´t have to. Me and many others found out by ourselves.
Start by telling us which software you use. “Cubase 10” is not one of the available versions.

You can turn on the Control Room in the Audio Connections settings (F4).