No authorisation code for Wavelab upgrade

I bought the upgrade from Wavelab 10 Pro to 11 Pro yesterday but I haven’t received my activation codes. I raised a support ticket but have seen nothing more than a standard ‘we have your support request’ auto response. Does anyone have any recent experience of how long this takes? I don’t remember having these issues with CuBase or previous Wavelab purchases.

I bought the upgrade yesterday, I got 2 emails, first one was for the order confirmation which contained the activation code and the second was for the invoice receipt.
First email came about 10-15 mins after purchase, second was about 1/2 hr later.
Have you checked your spam folder ?

Hi Paul, yes check the spam folders etc. I received the invoice but nothing else.

Do you have an account for the Steinberg online shop? You could sign in and check your purchases and activation codes.

The activation codes are also displayed as last step after payment verification when you buy something. I often just copy and paste the code right there and don’t wait for the email. That won’t help you right now though.

You should have received the Order Confirmation first with the access code, and then the invoice one.

No idea why you didn’t seem to get it like I did !

Did you send your support question to:

as that’s where my first email came from.

Good luck and hope you get it sorted soon !

Paul Bryce

Thanks. I checked those yesterday but there’s no sign of my upgrade. I didn’t notice them while I was buying, but I will sure look out next time, if there is a next time.

Thanks again Paul. I raised a ticket through the on-line form with the sales company they have outsourced to. I will now send the same to the email address you have provided. I tried calling their sales helpline today, but it was answered automatically I don’t speak German. I tried to call their technical support helpline for the UK, but that’s only available for 2 hours a day and I missed it. Not a great company to communicate with. Hopefully the email you provided will be better.

Yes, I had an issue once with asknet and wasn’t impressed with the (non)service at all.
I’m out of ideas and realize how upsetting this is !
Good luck and let us know how this turns out.

Thanks Paul. I appreciate that. I’ll let you know how I get on.

I received my activation code this morning and all now working OK. Thanks for everyone who offered help.

The response came from who provided the codes, but said it was not their responsibility as they only management the payment side of things.

Great to hear Paul !
Amazing how Steinberg won’t take responsibility for their own company departments.