No batch export in Cubase Elements 9?

I just bought Cubase Elements 9 and recorded my first track only to find out in the Export - Audio Mixdown page, there is no Batch Export option. So seriously, I have to pay 200-400 more dollars to be able to export multiple audio files at once? Does Elements not have this very basic function? Is there a way or I just have to manually make a Stereo Out Export soloing each and every track in my mix? Like do this 30 times each time? Seriously?

Different versions of Cubase have different target audiences. People who only need the features of Cubase Elements to work probably wont be using batch export much, if at all. If you’re already at a stage where you want/need to do this, then it’s very likely that you would also benefit from the other extra features of Cubase Artist or Pro.

It’s almost like they wanna make you buy their more expensive product. :thinking:

Well thank you very much, but I still didn’t quite get a clear answer, so Cubase 9 Elements simply does not have Batch Export, is that correct? And which one has this, Artist? Pro? Both of them? Of course I’d go for Pro all the way if I could afford it but it’s really expensive for me at the moment.

Quite obviously it does not…