No Batch Export Option on Cubase 10 Pro?

I recently upgraded from Cubase Elements 8 to Cubase Pro 10 and in the export panel there is no apparent option for a batch export.

When I select multiple channels they all get exported as separate files.

What am I missing here?

Thank you.
(export window is attached)

How do you expect it to work?

Oh damn so batch export doesn’t mean it exports all the channels into one audio file?

Is there an option where I can do that? So for example export the bused reverb and stereo out?

I feel like i’m missing something stupid here xD

Batch export means, it exports several channels to its respective audio file in one go. Exporting one audio file is done by selecting the one bus, the files are routed to. Or do you mean exporting a multichannel audio file? That is done by selecting a multichannel bus format, routing the respective channels to the respective Sub-bus, and exporting the multichannel bus. Obviously you are then restricted to the few multichannel formats that are available in Cubase.

Okay so I don’t think i’m actually looking for batch export.

I’m new to using buses so i’m probably doing it wrong, but when I add a bus it appears as another stereo output, and I can’t route it to the main original stereo output if you get me. Is this the main way to bus effects?

What exactly do you want to achieve? Create send FX? I donˋt understand what your aim is.

Sorry, i’m bad at explaining.

Basically, when I export my projects stereo out channel, none of the bus efx get exported with it (so for example it’s just the stereo track with none of the bus reverb audible). I want to be able to export the project with the stereo out and bus efx all on the same audio file - instead of what i’m doing at the minute where I have to batch export the stereo out and bus reverb as separate files then put them together in a new project and export again.
Maybe it’s something to do with how I route my bus efx?

Then you are somehow using the “bus FX” in a “wrong way”. You only have to route the fx returns to the same bus you are exporting. Or are you using external FX processors?